Accepting Change

The Power of Positive Thinking (EP)

We are all rebels of our own accord. And for me it would be “the rebel of parenting and life”. But today I have all smiles in my messed up face and I am ready to accept change…or changes.

I admit that I have been naughty and nice at the same time. I have violated certain rules of life that I shouldn’t have. I have been keeping everything in this blog I created even if it means nothing in actuality. I have been such a bad girl these past few days. I don’t blog daily but I check my stats everyday just to find one or no one at all that have been lost in my blog. But that did not really matter at the time, right?

I am here today, accepting change. Whatever is this change am I talking about anyway? It is from the depths of my negativity to the bright side of a positive thinking. I know you agree: that I am at most times negative and I just reblog posts about writing. Why do I reblog posts about writing? Isn’t it obvious? I love to write. That’s why I am here talking to you, I guess? Okay that is out of topic.

Going back to that “change”. I do not know what made me change this messed up mind of mine. It hit me today that there are times when people will connect with me because of my negative feelings, thoughts, deeds, and whatsoever. But I think it is better to blog or write about positive things while looking at snippets of the negative side. Am I correct? Okay. I. Am. Correct. I just answered my question.

Are you here for personal reasons? Or are you just here to be updated on personal blogs like me?

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