From Teenage to Motherhood: Skipping A Life

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

It was one summer day when I saw him. And then I decided he will be the only one I will marry. After two years of on and off from text messaging, we jumped into a relationship which I did not really expect.

And then I got pregnant.

The one experience I never would have imagined happening to me. I have goals. I have dreams for myself. I aspired to be a writer. I aspired to travel the world and have love affairs. I aspired to be the head of my own world. I aspired to be that one person who plays everything in a ball and makes the world go round. I have hopes for my novels and future compositions.

I hated kids but I loved kids. I do not know which is greater. I just know I have both those feelings towards kids. I know five or six recipes. I am not a good cook. I love mess. I do not know how to take care of myself, what more of a husband and child? In short, I am not prepared.

But he was born. It was a normal delivery. It felt as though nothing mattered to me more than that baby who just came out of my flesh. People kept telling me that everything would change. I ignored them and thought that it won’t. But the change in me and how I see things aren’t noticeable.

I cared more about people. I thought more of love, of life, and of giving. The world seemed so different that I didn’t see a brand new life is forming around me. Being pregnant and all made me start a blog. It made me think of moms in a different way. I am more attached to mothers than I am supposed to be attached to people my age.

I skipped a whole chapter of my life. From teenager I jumped to motherhood and left blank pages of being a young adult.

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