Wishin’ and Hopin’

Wishing that there’ll be one less angry dad in the house.
Wishing that it’ll always be as noisy and as hyper as it always has in the house.
Wishing for God to perform another miracle and make things happen.
Wishing that I have more time for my little ones as the day goes by.
Wishing for understanding and respect of decisions from hub’s parents.

Hoping to see more of hub’s smile than of a neutral face.
Hoping to talk about everything without being so judgemental.
Hoping to wake up in a sunny day with everybody as happy as a bug.
Hoping to conquer my fears in a more organized way that mom would be proud of.
Hoping that mom would put aside selfishness and make our Christmass merry.
Hoping to have enough money for everybody this year.
Hoping to celebrate my son’s birthday with lots of fun and excitement.
Hoping that hub would be happier in life with me.

Wishin’ and Hopin’ for a better life in this little roof we have for each other.


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