My Day Backwards

The pain of my Wisdom Tooth that I can’t stand. It’s making me mad and causes me not to sleep.

The tired feet of a long day’s walk. It’s such a cool feeling to be curled up in bed.

My son asleep in the car as we drive home. What a peace to watch him sleep.

The almost endless standing position outside the mall just letting the Lantern Parade move on as we chat and play. Enjoying the breeze and welcoming December.

Chinese Food for dinner and my son does not like to eat because he’s super sleepy and does not know what to do. I really hate eating when he’s not.

Three-round afternoon stroll from one phone shop to another, looking for a Tablet with a sim card and realized Tablets don’t have sim cards. Ended up buying a local product.

Fast Food Lunch at Kentucky Fried Chicken. We were silenced with their loud music. It does not let you talk. Unless you shout.

Endless stroll for goods at the mall. We keep on walking and walking around the mall.

Tears of a sis-in-law which made my cold water bath a boiling one. I just can’t believe it. Talk more of this later.

Breakfast at gran gran’s house-me only! 😉 mom called me after the walk.

Morning walk to the bread shop to buy my son his banana bread for breakfast and had some almost sipped tea.


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