Randomly Wednesday

Hi. It’s been silent in here for a few days. It means that I haven’t had the time to think about another negative thing to come up with a positive post. Oh well, isn’t that nice now? Anyways, hi again.

Today I just want to ramble on in words. I guess it’s the upbeat music my hub played awhile ago that’s causing me to just post. But right now, here comes the “she”. I cannot get over what I have discovered about her but I do not want to spoil the moment and I promised myself I will not say a word of evil today. So, going back to the start, hi.

Let us open ourselves to the unexpected and to the possibilities of what life could bring us today.

Thoughts on a Wednesday.

I wake up. I jog. I return home and cook rice. I prepare eggs and bacon. I make coffee and bring hub some breakfast in bed. He wakes up with the smell of roast coffee. He smiles still half asleep. He reaches to kiss me. My son wakes up and says “I love you” as his good morning. He laughs and reaches for the food. We’re all eating in bed now. I fix the plates we used. I wash and empty the dishwasher. I take a bath. He takes a bath with our son. We visit the park. We stop for cakes. We rest on the comfortable couch of a coffee shop. We stroll a bit around town and enjoy the lights of a Christmas-breeze city. We walk down town. We go home and prepare dinner. Our son takes a nap. We make love in the sofa. We grill steaks and have wine for dinner. Our son wakes up and joins us for dinner. We play with our son until we are all tired. we laugh endlessly and our son falls asleep in our arms. We put him to bed and we go outside. We made a bonfire and watch a movie. We fall asleep in each other’s arms.

What a day. Oh love. If only it was all possible. If only…


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