A Word to She and Every Woman Who Just Graduated

As a college graduate (okay this isn’t for me. I am not yet a college graduate. I am sort of a messed-up college student) and as an elder sister of an undergraduate, you should be the one taking care of everything. You are expected to do everything: the dishes, the cooking, the fixing/organizing of things, the helping with her difficulties. You should always be there for her. Until the time you’ve been accepted in a company. Until you have a job to be busy about. But as of now, you should be focusing on your target companies and you should have submitted at least a hundred resume to every job openning of your choice. You should be doing all that while your sister is at school. Because when she comes home you should be there-present in her life. Ask how her day went, what crazy thing she did, who her friends are, and a lot more family bonding questions. No matter how, you should be at the NOW of her life.

She must feel loved and cared for. She does not deserve harsh words and negative vibrations. She does not need to see that you have graduated and is only there because she needs you. She knows all that even without pressing it in words because that’s what’s expected of you.

But there you go. Always outside. When you’re home you are with your boyfriend and you don’t even bother talking to her. You spend most of your time with people you shouldn’t be with. You are wasting your time–your life. All you know is brag about your looks and your diploma. But you haven’t learned at all.

Who am I to talk? Yes, I haven’t graduated yet. Yes, I don’t have looks to brag. Yes, I am just a year or months older than you. But I know life and reality. I know how things work. Because I have been taught since I was a kid. My parents reminded me and keeps on reminding me until now, of the real world and its laws.


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