Money Is Scary

I should never have accepted any help from her. I should never have let her lead the way. I should never have trusted the word “free” with her.

“Money is scary.” the granny from Shining Inheritance used to say. And now I am picking up the pieces of proof that money really is scary.

It can turn a mother into a monster.
It can make your mom drive you away like trash.
It can turn a birthday party planning into a heavy drama episode.
It can drive you crazy and dizzy for a long period of time.
It stashes away your freedom of speech that you would not be able to speak directly to anyone.
It breaks your soul in half.
It dehydrates you with tears of fear.regret.and love.

Mine is such a mom who could turn the world upside down with just the word “money”. I plan to be a better mom than mine.


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